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A Wiki about the low-budget horror film series.

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In 1989, a young man in Hamburg, Germany named Andreas Schnaas set out with his friends to make his first feature film. Violent Shit, a name given to Schnaas by a pen pal, is the blood-drenched tale of Karl the Butcher, a vicious spree killer who recently escaped from the police. Bodies begin to pile up when Karl roams the countryside, murdering everyone in sight. The film was a hit in Germany, but was banned because of it's graphic death scenes. The ban sunset in 1992 with the release of Violent Shit II: Mother Hold My Hand. In this installment, Karl Jr. steps into his father's shoes and continues the family tradition by going on a citywide killing spree. Both Karls returned in Violent Shit III: Infantry of Doom, which took roughly three years to film and was shelved until 1999. Nearly ten years after Karl has seen any action, he returned in Unrated, a co-production between Schnaas and fellow German horror maestro Timo Rose alongside a roaster of new killers. In 2010, Karl will return indefinitley in Karl the Butcher vs. Axe, a comic book-style production were Karl is sent from Hell back to Earth, were a new killer named Axe terrorizes post-apocalyptic Germany. What ensues is a Freddy vs. Jason-esque bloodbath. Expect more updates as the series progresses! 

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